Friday, April 4

Moving along

There are changes happening in this family everyday, but today, it's been obvious to me.

Payton had his vision and hearing tests for Kindergarten today. It's just one more thing that shows me how close we are to having a lil' man in "real" school. I'm not ready. I feel like just yesterday he was starting 3-year preschool. That seems so long ago. *sigh* We still haven't 100% determined where he'll go for schooling, but I know that God will show me where he belongs and needs to be.

Maxwell is finally getting used to childwatch at the Y. He only cries the first five minutes now and then screams bloody murder at me for leaving him when I come back to pick him up. He also is trying out some new sounds. "Brother" is becoming's more like "Odd-er" which also fits. ;) He repeats, or attempts to repeat, every sound we make. I remember this stage with Payton. It wears on you quickly.

I am down five pounds from my March 1st weight. I don't feel it anywhere, but according to the scale it's gone, so I'm happy with that. I'm really starting to enjoy my workouts and my time alone. I use my shower as my reward for a good workout. You momma friends of mine realize how valued a shower alone where you can get dressed at your own pace is!

This weekend we're going to do some outside activities as a family. I think we're going to try letterboxing and probably take a walk to the library. Hopefully the weather reports hold true and we get lots of sun and close to 60 degrees.

Have a great weekend!!


tiff to the isa said...

Have fun with the letterboxing babe!

Gene said...

Hi Ellisa: Have a fun weekend, and I am curious what is letterboxing ? Love Mom K.

Marissa said...

oh girl, do i so understand the value of your own shower/dressing time!!!!!! :)