Tuesday, April 1

"So Long, Farewell,

Auf Weidersehen, goodbye."

That's what I was singing, aloud, this morning as I dumped the last of my bottle of Rum Runner down the drain.
I told Matt on Sunday that I was taking the month of April off from drinking. Yep. Not a drop. Today through May 1st. Nope, not an April Fools' Day joke people. I'm serious.
I've looked back at the last two months and I feel like to seriously lose some weight, I need to manage those sweet drinks better (thanks a lot, Dad!) and since I really want to lose a few 20 lbs, I'm cutting out alcohol completely.
So friends, if you have a birthday or a party planned, you can count me in for snacks and water, but no "drinks". Think of it as saving you money.
"Adieu, adieu
To you and you and you


Lauren said...

Good luck!! I too did this a while ago and I found that I've totally cut back!! I must be a lush! It will get easier as the days and weeks go by!! Trust me! We could always have some Booby Cat :)

T in Tiffisa said...

meh, you can always count me in for some alcohol-free fun!

Marissa said...

i think its a GREAT plan! i can admit that cutting it back/out has helped me in many ways more than just losing weight. its a real eye-opener once you bite the bullet and commmit to it.
{{{i believe in you!}}}

Jen said...

You can do it!!!

I on the other hand have been thinking of taking it up again,LOL!! BUt seriously, I think it's an awesome commitment to make!