Saturday, April 12

Willpower is kicking in!

I'm starting to see results of my workouts finally. I've lost 12 lbs since January and I've lost 7.5 since March 1st. Since I'm seeing the results I've noticed that I'm more careful about what I eat. Last night, I actually removed a piece of pizza from my mouth, threw it in the trash and told Payton we were going to the gym. I knew that if I sat there I'd eat it. And maybe another piece. But if I went and worked out, I knew that I wouldn't want it when I got back. I was right. And I had a good workout to boot.

I also purchased a new book called "Eat this, not that" by David Zinczenko. It's the "No-diet weight loss solution!" so they say. I bought it because of the content. It lists a lot of the major restuarants and fast food places and tells you what to and what not to eat. It's great for me because I'm a convenience food eater and I know I'm not making informed decisions. Food names can be so misleading. In the back it also has a list of packed food items from the grocery store. I know that will be helpful too.

I know I'm on the path and maybe can even accomplish my 5 lb goal by May 1st. Only 3.5 more lbs to go. I ran my mile in 12.15 today. I'm hoping to get under 11 minutes really soon! Wish me luck and root me on! I need the support.


Gene said...

Ellisa: Great going !!!!! I have not lost the last two weeks, but I have maintained which is good as it means I did not put any on :) Love Mom K

P~Bear said...

Good Work. I have been doing lousy since Christmas - need to get back on track - think I have regained all that I had lost - Ug.

Keep going and you can show me up plus look sexy at the beach.

Jen said...

You Rock!!!!!

Lauren said...

where did my post go?? Anyways!! You are doing a great job and keep up the great work!!! Looks like we are both in the same race for that 1 mile!!!