Friday, April 18

"stay-at-home" mom

There is very LITTLE staying at home these days. Don't get me wrong, I love being "home" with my boys, but we're rarely home. On average, we actually stay at home all day, once every two weeks. We always have something on our plate; school, playgroup, zoo, farm, errands, etc. And it's only getting worse as Payton gets older!

This week, we've been to several parks to play, he's had school Monday, Wednesday & Friday, we have a weekly playgroup on Thursdays, we went to the farm on Tuesday and the zoo today. We've spent tons of time working in our garden and running errands between all that.

Starting in two weeks, I have a Japanese Sword Fighting class that I begin on Thursday nights. Payton has school until early June, and then the week after he's done, he starts daily swim lessons and t-ball on Tuesdays and Thursdays with occasional Saturday games. I hope that we can make plenty of time for letterboxing and hiking and camping this summer too!!

I'm exhausted just thinking about what happens in the fall!! He starts full day kindergarten, then two nights a week of karate and he'll start cub scouts as well.

All this scheduled play...and yet I want him to have time for free play! oh the joy...and it hasn't even started!


Gene said...

Remember to enjoy the times you have now because in a few years both boys will have you running in different directions. And in a few more years they will be running in their own direction and you will wish they were still small and needing you to run them around.
Enjoy, Dad K

P~Bear said...

Gene nailed it: The time goes so fast. Check out for to see where I am at with boxing. Looking forward to seeing more of family the summer.