Monday, April 7

Worm Party!!

Today was BEAUTIFUL day number three of GLORIOUS weather. After picking P up from school, we played outside for awhile in the backyard. It's been able to dry out a lot back there and I was *almost* able to not worry about the boys getting muddy. Don't worry...they found the mud.

When I put Max down for his nap, Payton and I moved some concrete slabs that were the entry way to our shed. They just needed lifted and realigned. Each time I lifted one and set it aside, we'd talk about what was underneath. Ants, worms, centipedes, grubs (ugh...Matt, don't forget to spray soon) and just dirt in general. I love being a mom to boys!! Yes, I really mean that.

So Payton decided that we should transplant some of the worms to our garden at the back of our property. At first, we were just cruising right along, pulling them out, putting them in a bucket and then P would run them back and dump them in the garden beds. But after awhile, he decided that we were separating families of worms. So he started giving them family roles; "This is Mommy. That's Daddy. There's Maxwell and Payton. And Auntie Jenn and Uncle Loren" We had to be sure we got the whole family; grandmas, papas...everyone.

We moved onto a flower bed on the side of the shed that needed tilled and, of course, found more worms. But by now we'd run out of family names to assign. So he decided give each worm the name of one of his classmates. Well, his class is only 11 kids, so that didn't last long before we moved onto his friends. At this point, the kid has probably made six or seven trips to the garden beds. I finally call it quits and say that we need some "keepers" in our flowerbeds.

So we take our worm friends "Avery", "Reagan", "Rose", "Bella" and "Anna" back to the garden and I see he's dumped all 40 worms in the same area. I guess I didn't explain that too well. I try to explain that they need to be spread out so they each have room. And this is when Payton looks up at me in all seriousness and says, "But Mommy, they're having a worm party!"

Ah...the adventures of raising boys.


Gene said...

Yes Boys are fun !!!!! I should know LOL. Love Mom K.

Jen said...

Oh what fun!!! I'm sure Payton would be devistated to know Anna puts her worms on hooks!!!

Tiffany said...

too cute- I love me some Payton!

Lorene said...

What a cute story! I wish Em liked worms half as much....The joys of raising a girl. Hahaha!

Marissa said...

while this may be your 'why i love having boys' type of story - this is my total 'why having boys makes me scream like a girl' kind of tale. LOL!!!!