Tuesday, July 22

A few things to share

So I'm interested in sharing a few of my favorite websites with you guys. Why? Because I think that each, for their own reasons, is pretty cool and worth visiting. I'm not being paid by any of these sites, although I wish I were.

#1: Postcrossing.com
This is a project where people send postcards to each other. It's both national and international. We sent out 5 postcards already and are waiting to get our first one soon. I plan to plot each one for Payton to see on a map. I think it's a great, relatively cheap, way to have him see the world as people rather than just places. The cost is only the postcard and stamp; $.21 in the US, $.74 to Canada or Mexico and $.91 International.

#2: Matt, Liz and Madeline
Many of you already read this blog. The link has been in my favorites since Tiffany introduced it to me back in May. The blog is the daily going-ons of a single dad. What makes this one special is that he is single because the day after lil' Madeline was born, his wife, Madeline's mother, past away very unexpectedly. He talks about raising Maddy thus far, traveling, living and mourning. He has a huge support of strangers/friends. His blog is real, emotional, funny and artsy. (warning: contains adult language)

#3: Phonezoo.com
My father-in-law turned me on to this one. It's a free place to download some of your favorite songs or movie lines for your cell phone. You set up an account, including your cell number, and then pick the ones you like. Click "send to my phone" and then when it comes through as a text message, you save the sound and place it as a ringtone. Many of you now have brand new ringtones that fit your personality or our relationship. You'll have to ask me next time we get together what yours is!

That's all I have for now. Hopefully a few of you found something of interest out of this!


Gene said...

Ellisa: Checked out the blogg for Maddie and her Dad, WOW how hard it was to get through it !!!! Not sure if I can continue to read it but I am sure I will now from time to time just to see how he is doing. Love Mom K.

Kim Cervone said...

You are full of fun information!