Tuesday, July 1

"It's the end of the world as we know it..."

"It's the end of the world as we know it.
It's the end of the world as we know it."

But ya know, I don't feel fine. Tiffany got her first real lawyer job. She got the official stuff today and she starts the 14th. Yes, I'm THRILLED for her. Of course I want the best for her and her family.

But I'm sad. I'm not sure why really even. I mean, we only talk to each other's voicemail every few days and we try to connect once a week. We don't even get a lot of time together anymore it seems. So I should be just fine with this right? I mean, it's not like a whole lot will change.

So why am I so sad? Maybe because she will be unreachable during the day when we normally talk. Maybe because what little time we do have together tends to be planned on the fly and also during the day or early evening hours.

I feel like part of her will be gone from me. Gosh, that sounds selfish and like our friendship is ending. I know it's not and that we will both continue to make every effort to get together when our schedules allow.

I just hope it's more often than not. Maybe we should set up a bi-weekly date. LOL Like married couples who work opposite hours.

(Yes, I'm sadhopping. Deal with it.)


Marissa said...

i hear ya! i sooo hear ya! i'm sort of sad about it too...and i really can't figure out why.

when my friend anisa got a job outside her home, so much changed. no more drop in shared lunches, quick drop offs for a quick jaunt without kids, ugh she's just always on the go now. it IS incredibly sad. it's also life. and life sometimes selfishly sucks donkey balls.

{{{hugs, big ones}}}

Tiffany said...

ack- now I'm crying.

I keep thinking back to those early days of our friendship when I was working and going to school- we were able to build an awesome friendship then so I have no doubt in the world that we can continue it now. You are my sister. Not so much my other half as much as one spirit living in two bodies. Nothing as trivial as a job can undo that.

I am all about scheduled "married couple" outings. Working Tiffany needs Tiffisa time more than SAHM Tiffany ever did.

I love you. We will make it work. I don't have a doubt in my heart or head of that.