Sunday, July 20

Tea Hangover

I, FINALLY, had another much needed Tiffisa night last night.

We met at our favorite tea house and spent 2 hours crying, laughing and people watching over six pots of tea. We each picked a tea and it's funny how well they complimented each other. Much like our personalities compliment each other; except where we're slamming each other's personalities and talking smack. Another great part of the night!

We spent another hour and a half wandering around downtown Royal Oak eating and doing more people watching. Seeing as we did nothing special, on an average Saturday night, in bachelorette party territory, I had an amazing time. It's exactly what Tiffisa needed.


Tiffany said...


I think my fave part of the evening was when you called me something along the lines of a pathetic, messed up, sad-hopper. I felt the love!

As always, whether we do a million things or nothing at all - a Tiffisa day is always exactly what I needed.

Marissa said...

i miss you both. {{{sigh}}}

sounds like good times indeed.

::envision sadhopper here::

(but not sadhopping because you 2 had a great time, just because i couldn't be there to be a part of it all!) ;)

Kim Cervone said...

Tiffisa needs to go on the road as a comedy act. You guys are like modern day Laurel & Hardy!