Wednesday, July 30

Me time

Actually, rarely is "Me Time", just about me. I was reading Marissa's blog the other day about her being an extrovert/introvert and it reminded me how much of an extrovert I am. Sure I enjoy a few hours shopping by myself every now and then, but mostly, I'd prefer to do it with friends.

Often, my inlaws, being the wonderful grandparents they are, will take both of my boys for a weekend. If Matt's working, that means I'm all alone most of the time. I will call everyone I know until I find someone to go shopping with, or go to a movie with, or just sit and talk to over coffee. And that's hard, because most of my friends have families and kids and schedules of their own. When I am alone running errands, I'm on the phone talking to my mom.

This weekend, will be that time. My parents are taking Payton for a week. Matt is driving the boys to Toledo for the exchange and I'll be here...alone. I'm going to get a haircut I think. Maybe even color it. Then, I've made plans for some Tiffisa time late on Saturday night. Knowing that I have time alone, while it's something to look forward to, I actually dread the time when I don't have anyone to be with and have fun with.

I'm sure as time goes on, I'll learn to appreciate the peace and time for self-reflection that comes when I'm alone. But for now, mostly, I'm more interested in building relationships and having a good time.


Gene said...

Enjoy the quiet times they are so few for a mom. Love Mom K.

Jen said...

Enjoy!!!! I'm jealous!!