Monday, July 14

Vacation 2008: Pictures and Videos

My Mom and Maxwell yelling at each other
My mom and my oldest brother, Loren
Matt & me...the only picture of me on our camera. :(Matt and Payton

Payton challenging the ocean

The boys (with our group in the background)
Silly Maxwell
Max and his tongue
Payton and a few new friends

Our section of beach
Our boardwalk
The boys

(Tiffany, recognize that outfit on Max?)
Matt and Max on a night walk
Silly Max...again

I recorded 45 seconds of the ocean just for you guys.

And because everyone needs to see this; Maxwell's Beach Dance


Brightside said...

I hope your burn is better by now. Maxwell is too cute dancing away on the beach, and they both look so at home, like little surfer dudes.
Missed you!!

Jen said...

What a great dance and I love the sound of the ocean!!! And how shocking that Payton picked up some girlfriends on the beach,LOL!!! Love the pics, love the boys and love you- Thanks for sharing!!!

Tiffany said...

great pictures, so jealous! And oh my goodness Max in that outfit! That was always one of my faves on Nate so you know I love to see it on him!