Monday, July 14

We're home!!!

After a long trip home, involving a ugly stay at an Days Inn in West Virginia, we rolled into our house last night around 6pm.

It's been a wonderful vacation with lots of sunburn, sandburn, bruises and thunderstorms, but I would go back in a heartbeat! It never fails that I cry like a baby when we leave the beach each year. I'm sure the first time, my inlaws thought I was crazy. But now everyone knows that Ellisa has to visit the beach and have a good cry before we can get on the road. Someday I'll live on the coast. Someday...

Until then I have pictures! Some great ones too!! I'll be posting them in another post here in a bit. And I'll update on vacation, the boys and everything else throughout the week. Enjoy the pics!!


Marissa said...

What beautiful pics! Another great year, another great trip - and it seems that you need to have a little chatty chat (it took me more than 1) with Matt to getting that camera to work in reverse. There are far too many holidays, birthdays & vacations that appear on film as if I wasn't even there. That needs to change.

{{{hugs and welcome home}}

...the beach makes me cry too.

Gene said...

Yes some day we will live on the coast also that will be GREAT !!!! Can't wait, we had a GREAT time. Love Mom K.