Tuesday, July 29

Meet Missy

We've been on the search for "the" dog for a few weeks now. Holding out until we found one we thought would meet all our requirements. Yesterday, we found her. Ok. She doesn't meet all our requirements, but she's trying. Geez. She's only 10 months old. She listens better than my 18 month old!!

We picked up "Prissy", now renamed Missy, last night around 7pm. Maxwell was with me, while Payton was at VBS. Maxwell couldn't have been more excited when I loaded her into the car. He was only happy when she was in the backseat with him.

She's a smooth fox terrier. She's a beautiful white with brown and black markings, much like a jack russell terrier, but she's a bigger size. She comes about to Payton's waist and is a fairly lean dog. She needs some training, but she knows when you're mad and when to stop. She's already learning not to get on the beds and furniture. We're working on not allowing her to jump up, something her previous owners did allow her to do.

She's young enough and seems smart enough, that I think she'll work out just fine if she can learn a few behavior modifications. The boys seem to really like her. Maxwell thinks she's a toy and Payton is a bit intimidated by her. We're working on teaching them how to be the boss and not allow her to run the house. Max is doing better than Payton. No surprise there.

Matt really likes her and feels she'll be a good fit too. He's already planning her trip to the Michigan Ren Fest in September.

Here are a few pictures of her.


Danielle a.k.a Yellie said...

She's a very cute dog and I like your choice to change her hame from Prissy to Missy. Hopefully she'll train fairly quickly and easily for you guys and be the perfect family pet.

Marissa said...


Jen said...

Congrats on the new addition! She's adorable! Anna ssaid she wants to come meet her,LOL!!

Lauren said...

So so so cute!! We got a dog too and she looks just like Missy. :) congrats!! we are going thur the same thing as you guys are!

Gene said...

She is adorable !!!!! Can't wait to meet her. I am sure the boys are crazy about her. Love Mom K.

Matt & Bethany said...

A great addition to the family! You will wonder what you ever did without her (except when you want to go out of town and don't know what to do with her). Can't wait to meet Missy - maybe on a trip to your mom's house sometime?!