Wednesday, January 7

The Binge; The Purge

No, I haven't developed an eating disorder...unless that's what you want to call what I did over the holidays. And maybe it is, but I don't think it's an abnormal one.

The Binge; From Thanksgiving to New Years I eat WAY more junk than I normally do. And I have a few extra pounds to show for it. But man! The Wasilla dinner on Christmas Eve. The pierogies, the cookies, the yummy snacks. And then...that just continues for days on end. And we brought cookies home from my parents' too! So I've been eating CRAP for days and days and literally weeks.

The Purge; Today, I cleaned house. All the cookies hit the garbage. All the left over candies and junky things, went to the kids or to the street for pick up in the morning. I'm done. And I know myself. If it's in the house, I'll eat it. I can't hide it from myself and even if I had Matt hide it, I'd search it out and find it. (And he's not that great of a secret keeper anyway.)

So it's gone. And hopefully, in a few weeks, my butt, thighs and extra belly fat will follow. Next week I start "Zumba" at the YMCA. Soon I will be a slimmer version of myself.


Christine said...

I did that purge today as well. Mark came in looking for chocolate - I told him we were flat out of chocolate today or better yet for the rest of the year!! lol

P~Bear said...

Good move lady....I know what you can do when you set your course and I wish that I had done that several weeks ago.

Kim Cervone said...

Just be glad you had some left to purge. I devoured everything in the house. You will LOVE Zumba. I've been doing it since October and it is such fun. xo

Marissa said...

i hope you love zumba - i do!

we've been purging around here too. i've been on a pitching roll. i tossed 4 bags of trash last week. happy meal toys, cloth diapers used to the point of not even donate worthy, clutter, junk or anything that just got in my path. lol

Jen said...

We have been purging over here too!

Hubby said...

I know you can do it sweetheart. You did it last year and you will do it even better this year.