Saturday, January 31

Payton, the amazing kid

I have had such an amazing day with my son. I love watching him grow and change.

He's getting too smart for me though. We went to the library today and he picked some TOUGH "reader 2" books. I thought they would be more of a challenge for him, but in the car, he read two of them aloud to me. I'm shocked at the words he knows and how well he's sounding them out. When the story says things like "he sang" then Payton actually sings the song. And he is so good at inflection in his voice. He's actually FUN to listen to.

And we went to the Y for open swim time and Payton jumped off and swam to the edge many times by himself. His fear is gone. He's loving the pool.

And he's so helpful. He does exactly what's asked of him (85% of the time) and is becoming more patient with Maxwell. The ladies at the library told him today that he has "very good" manners.

Now don't get me wrong, he still has his issues. He can't handle being told "no" or failing at something. He is extremely emotional, especially when overtired. And he is scared of all movies; Cars, Happy Feet, Mary Poppins, Madagascar...ALL!

But overall, I have an amazing kid. He's fun, he's cute and gosh darn it, people like him!


Gene said...

Yes he is Amazing !!!!!! But he is my Grandson. Glad you had such a good day with him. Miss you all. Love Mom K.

P~Bear said...

Sounds as though you had a great day together.

That little man really is truly amazing. We love him.

Christine said...

Payton, Payton - I wouldn't have you any other way, for my Rose's best friend! :)

He is a special boy, Ellisa you should be proud.

Kim Cervone said...

People sure do like him. I'm glad you had a good day together.

Jen said...

Sounds like a great day. And we agree he is an amazing person, even if he can't join us at the movies!