Tuesday, January 6

I *can* make soup!!

In my resolution to cook more meals at home (healthy or not ;) ) I found a blog that I decided to try a recipe from. I found The Soup-aholic and decided to try his recipe for Tomato Bisque, one of my favorite soups. It was a lot easier than I thought and the recipe is really good! It's a nice change from a bland, canned tomato soup.

I think I'll be making more soups in the near future!


Christine said...

Awesome!! Can I sample ;) Thanks for passing on that site, I saw something I am for sure going to make for dinner this week!!

P~Bear said...

Sounds yummy to me. You will have to fix me some when you get an opportunity.

You went and missed with your blog skin again, I am surprised that you changed it so soon, but I like it.

Marissa said...

Good for you! I'd try that with a big fat grilled cheese. :)

The D'Alessandro Family said...

It looks so good!!! Again, why do we have to live so far away?