Thursday, January 29


I have talked about a lot of things lately, but never followed up on any of them:

1) The Speedway gas station referenced in the American Flag post replaced their flag about 48 hours after I posted that entry. Finally!! Now I can started getting my coffee there again. Maybe they read my post...doubt it.

2) My Zumba class rocks. I love it and I signed up for the class all the way through the end of April. Twice a week. And then in March, I'll be starting a new class: Drums Alive. I'll keep you posted about that one.

3) I sent my blog entry to the district manager of Chuck E Cheese. Haven't heard anything there other than a automatic response.

4) I ended up with about 6,000 new visitors because of the Missy-Maxwell-Marker Incident. Welcome to my new visitors! Yes, Missy is still blue. It's fading, and currently she has some dried ketchup on her from Maxwell's lunch. But ya know...what's ketchup after permanent marker?

5) Because of the recent birthday party, I haven't been back to cooking really. I'm anxious to try something new, so link me to your favorite recipe!!


Lauren said...

Thanks for the follow up :) I am too going to be taking the Drum Alive. Let me know what you think. I've heard GREAT things about it and when we did it at my work, it really too the stress AWAY and makes you feel so close and deep to music. Ok, I sound freaky so I'll stop ;)

ps I notice you don't dig my blog lol

Kim Cervone said...

what is the "I pledged 5" button looking thingon your blog???