Wednesday, January 21

Check E. Hell??

Because of the cold winters we have here in Michigan, I've been to Chuck E. Cheese a few times; more than I'd like, but the kids like it and we're limited as to fun things for two boys 4 years apart to both enjoy doing.

So, I was at the Roseville, Michigan location recently with friends and was disappointed to find the store dark and dirty. But that wasn't the only problem. The prize selection meager at best and all but 2 of the ticket counters were broken. There were many games "down" and there was not enough staff. The employees were down right RUDE to customers, ignoring their requests for help, and they didn't seem to care about any of the problems customers were having. One employee was so frustrated, I heard him say he wanted to quit.

Yet, less than one week later, I went to the Sterling Heights, Michigan location, further from my home, to meet friends for a birthday party. What a difference!! This location was clean and bright. The manager, Kevin, was available and on the floor. The parties were flowing seamlessly and every game was in working order. The prize selection was three times what the Roseville location had. There was more than enough staff to service the machines as needed and take care of other customer's needs. I never had to wait for anything and the empolyees were more than willing to help.

I know which location I'll be using, and refering friends to, from now on. It's worth the extra 15 minute drive to be where our business is OBVIOUSLY wanted!! I mean, I know most parents don't love going to "CEC", but at least I can be comfortable while I'm there, right?!


P~Bear said...

I was number 15,000.

Did I get lucky or what!!

It sounds as though C-e-C needs to close that place down.

I hope everyone that read this complains to the upper management.

Christine said...

CEC is pure MADNESS! Any one of them you go to. We, as well, prefer Sterling Heights. Realize though that the income of the area is quite a bit of a difference. That can really make a world of difference.

The D'Alessandro Family said...

We love CEC as well. It's just fun. Sorry to hear of your bad experience, but atleast you know which on NOT to go to again! Do you have any "inflatable" places in Michigan? We have a few different ones around here and this kids love them. Pump-It-Up is one and the other is Awesome Inflatables.

Ellisa said...

Christine, I agree, lower income. But that doesn't explain the lack of care from the employees, the lack of employees on the shift or the lack of prizes. And all the things broken...
such a disappointment!

Kim Cervone said...

CEC is hell enough without broken, dirty machines and rude workers!