Friday, June 26


I'm here in my hometown, planning and soon celebrating my mother's retirement from her career in teaching. While I'm here, my husband is in our town cleaning up from the storm that rolled through yesterday. We have branches down all over our yard. Luckily, that's about all the damage for us. Our neighbors didn't fair as well and have holes in roofs and across cars and such. Matt is without power though. Went out early this morning around 3am and the energy company says it won't be on until tomorrow night.

The party planning is going well and I hope by late tonight we'll be done and ready for tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing so many of our family friends and meeting some of my mom's more recent friends I haven't gotten to meet yet.

I hope those of you in MI survived the storm all right!! Have a great weekend!


Audrey said...

Oh my goodness - I am so happy that none of you were hurt and that there was relatively minor damage done at your place.

Have fun tomorrow. Congrats to your Mom from me and the rest of your bloggie friends!

Jen said...

I can't post a comment on your photo blog, so I am putting it here.

I am so glad you got the construction barrels.

We are close - I recognize those paintings on the side of that building.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about power outage, but also glad that you guys didn't have major damage. The storm came thru here last night bad also, we had hail, MAJOR down pour and winds, but not outages. Can't wait to see you all tomorrow. Love Mom K