Thursday, June 18


The boys' first full day back from my inlaws and I am sick. We spent 30 minutes outside and I'm exhausted. I have some headcold/sinus thing going on. It's so gross.

I am hoping that this will be better by tomorrow (please???) and we can do something fun. The weekend holds 2 birthday parties, tball pictures and Matt working on Father's Day. Of course.

I posted some new pictures of the boys and pics I've taken playing with my camera on our Picasa Web Album. Be sure to check them out.

By the way, these pictures show the difference in what happens when I take the boys outside to play...


Jen said...

Hope you feel better soon!

And how do I check out your pics? It just takes me to a sign in page??

Miss You!

Ellisa said...

Try the link again, Jen.