Saturday, June 6

i survived

For awhile yesterday afternoon, I wasn't sure I was going to make it through the day. But I did. Completely exhausted, but I did.

We started with field day. Payton's class participated in lots of activities planned by the field day team including tug of war, water games and "decorate your teacher". I participated in a few rounds of tug of war myself between all the prep work to make the family festival in the evening happen. I had a nice lunch with Payton and his classmates and then finished a lot of the festival work after he went home.

The Family Fun Fest began at 5pm, but people started arriving early and it was chaos from 4:45pm. Controlled chaos, because no one but those on "the inside" knew what was going on. It was perfect that way.

My in laws came up and helped the boys around the festival while I worked the whole thing with my AMAZING team of friends and Matt took pictures and went wherever I told him we needed help. Everyone was great and most of volunteers showed up and did their shifts.

The dunk tank was by far the most popular event, but the DJ, games and food were also very popular. We had 184 families participate. I haven't counted the numbers, but I think it's around 700 people. Whew! That's a lot for a school with 320 students since not everyone was there!! Next year will just be bigger and better.

Thank you to everyone who helped make it a HUGE success and to all my friends who helped me deal with the issues in the planning stages. It's I won't be talking about it again until next January when we start planning it all again. ;)


Jen said...

We had field day yesterday too and it kicked my butt! I couldn't imagine trying to pull off another event right after, you rock!
I thought about you all day yesterday and while I had total faith in your abilities, I knew some things were beyond your control. So I am super glad it all worked out awesome!

Anonymous said...

You did a great job!!!! Love Mom K.

Marissa said...

you rock - i'm positive you helped run that event flawlessly to those who were on the outside! you go girl!!!