Tuesday, June 16


Today was a great success!!! I socially stepped out of my comfort zone and engaged in several conversations with people I didn't know at all or didn't know well. I feel that I made some really great connections with people and I extended myself past what I normally would have been comfortable with. Beyond that, I emotionally stepped out of my comfort zone by challenging any fears I had about activities we were doing at The Adventure Center.

And physically I pushed extra hard. I did all the challenges that were presented to me, even leading a great team building event with my group, the Awesome Walnuts. And on the high ropes course, I was second up and did an AMAZING job. Twenty-seven feet in the air, I completed a cargo net horizontal cross, a hand and foot crawl on 2 suspended ropes ("kitty crawl" like shown in the pic), a swinging rope step, a balance beam (Look Mom, no hands!!) and a broken bridge walk before completing the series with a rip-cord drop. AWESOME!! I'm so proud of myself. This is one of those things I said I would do if I was ever given the chance and I did everything to the fullest and best of my ability. And I wowed some of my future co-workers and showed them a side of me they didn't know.

When/If I get some pictures from others who were there today, I'll be sure to post. Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts today. I'm sure they helped make today the amazing day it was.


P~Bear said...

You are awesome!!

Jen said...

Never had a doubt, I knew you would do amazing!