Tuesday, June 30

My Mom's Retirement Party

We had my mother's retirement party on Saturday. After many years of teaching, she has called it quits...at least for now. I'm sure this isn't the full end of teaching for her. It's in her blood and she does a great job with it.

The party was great. Everyone had a good time and the chocolate fountain was the hit of the party. Well, except for when we attacked her with silly string courtesy of my mother-in-law. It's the start of a vengeful war I'm sure.

After the party, family came back to my parents where we sat and talked and caught up for awhile. It was nice to have everyone together. That rarely happens.

Happy Retirement, Mom! I'm proud of you and the job you've accomplished.


The D'Alessandro Family said...

Congrats again to Mom!

How did you do the slide show of photos? very cool!

Anonymous said...

Had a great time at party!!!!!!!! It was a nice tribute to your mom!!!!! Can't imagine where the idea of the silly string came from :) Love Mom K

Jen said...

Love the photos and LOVE LOVE the silly string.

Happy Retirement to your Mom!

Kim Cervone said...

Fantastic pictures. Everyone looks so truly joyful : )