Saturday, December 11

The Pain

I haven't really explained what's been going on to everyone, just bits and pieces here and there I guess.  So here it is.

About a week ago, I was having abdominal pain and just assumed it was nothing serious.  It would be sharp for just a moment and then go away.  Maybe 3-4 times a day, but nothing I couldn't just deal with and work through.

Last Sunday, the 5th, I felt a lot more pain, but again, assume it was related to just being a girl & PMS.  I woke up on Monday morning to get ready for school and I instantly vomited all over my bed.  Awesome.  I changed the sheets and called off work, got the boys where they needed to be and spent the day in bed.  I assumed I had a flu that was going around our school.

Tuesday, the pain was getting worse, but the vomiting was gone.  I went to see my doctor and she sent me for an ultrasound.  I left the ultrasound without any answers and came home.  Wednesday morning, the pain was even worse.  I called my doctor and she scheduled a CT scan for that afternoon.

After the scan, I was asked to wait for the results.  While I was waiting, the radiologist and my physician were discussing my fate.  They felt I might have appendicitis.  I was whisked to the ER and blood was drawn and IVs were hooked up and tests were run.

After a physical exam from the ER doc, he felt it was an issue with my ovary, gave me  lots of pain meds and sent me home.  I was to take Thursday & Friday off of work, but he felt I should be back to normal soon.  He had no real explanation for the pain.

Thursday, I followed up with my doctor.  She feels that the pain is not typical and is concerned. She thinks it is probably still linked to my appendix and that it will need to be removed "soon" - whenever that might be.

So in the mean time, I'm loaded up on drugs and waiting to see what happens.  The pain is still very intense when I don't get my meds taken.  It's uncomfortable even with the meds in my system.

I'm very scared and worried.  This is like nothing I've ever gone through before and I don't like health issues this serious when I'm only 31 years old.  Part of me wants answers and part of me just wants it to go away.  I am asking you to pray for me; that I might find a peace in all of this craziness and trust the doctors and God's plan.

Thank you to all who called, stopped by, offered support and love, or took care of my kids in the last week.  Matt and I both really appreciate everything. 

***UPDATE*** posted 12/11/10 9:00pm
Shortly after writing this post, Matt and I decided I've been in intense pain for too long for this to be "ok".  We were supposed to spend the evening with my (wonderful) co-workers for our Christmas party, but instead, we ended up at the hospital. 

As I type this, I sit in the ER awaiting a bed upstairs.  I am being admitted to further investigate what is happening in my body.  Please continue to pray for me and my health.  Also, please pray for Matt and his patience with me as I'm very needy right now.  And please pray for the boys that they can be flexible during this time until we figure all this out.

Thank you.

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