Monday, March 31

Life as "normal"

My inlaws had the boys since Wednesday evening and they brought them back last night. My "Mommy-hood" has returned. Payton has an intestinal bug and so he couldn't go to school today. Maxwell is so happy to see me that he won't leave my side. I've been doing laundry all day and trying to keep everyone happy. I love my boys, but I sure didn't miss wiping noses and butts!

But, living in my newly updated home is really nice! I love my sink and it's so NICE to have kitchen cabinet doors and not have to look at everything all the time. And the ceiling fan...ah. Such a nice update from the one that was there!

Maxwell is napping and P is watching a movie. I'm finally getting to lunch (2:30pm). I'd like to go to the Y tonight, but with bugs going around our house I don't want to contaminate anyone else. I'm sure we'd get it back within a week or two anyway.

Hopefully everyone is healthy tomorrow!! It's opening day at Erma's Frozen Custard!!! WOOHOO!!


Marissa said...

I can't wait to see the 'new' place! Hope the bug passes through quickly! {{{hugs}}} Enjoy Erma's!

Kim Cervone said...

Trips to Ohio really wear poor Payton out, huh? Looking forward to seeing the updates...and seeing you guys all healthy on Thursdayxo

P~bear said...

I like the sound of that Custard thing. Don't recall hearing about that before. Are you keeping secrets?