Monday, June 30

Getting Ready!

We leave for vacation in just 3 short days! I can't believe it's here. I wait all year for this one week of my life. And when it's over, I cry. Every time. When we leave the island and drive off, I cry.

But for now, we're packing. And by "we" I mean I am. I've gathered all our beach equipment; chairs, boogie boards, sand toys, goggles and the rest. I purchased life jackets for both boys today. I have 90% of the food we are asked to bring packed. I have our sheets in the wash and our towels are all together and ready to be boxes.

I haven't started on clothing yet. That's my least favorite part. It's just overwhelming. Swimsuits, shorts, pants, tees, tanks, shoes, sandals. Ugh. I reminded Matt that he needs to have anything he wants to wear for vacation in the laundry by tomorrow morning so that it can all be ready for him to pack tomorrow night. In fact, that would be the only part of this packing process Matt is responsible for. How does that happen?

Ah well. Hopefully everything will go smoothly and we'll be on our way in 72 hours!!!!


Tiffany said...

The packing part will be over before you know it-
dig your feet in the sand for me!

Marissa said...

How exciting!! You'll be all packed in no time and you'll actually be glad you did it - you know what you brought vs. finding out something you assumed was there, isn't. I leave G's clothes packing up to him and if he ends up with no underpants, tough!

Have a BLAST, relax and enjoy your week. I'll miss you!

Jen said...

How is it the men always get out of packing???

Sounds fun and exciting!! Have a safe, funa nd relaxing vacation!! I'll miss you!!!

MiaBellaRose said...

Can you pack me in your suitcase - - - Perty Please! ;) Have fun, relax, and have a drink or two for me. I'll miss you!!

Kim Cervone said...

I think you have it down to a science by now. Havea great time. We will miss you! xo

Gene said...

Ah yes all of the packing for the entire family, how I remember that LOL. But it is so worth it in the end. Love Mom K.