Wednesday, March 4

Living Life to the Max

Funny Stories of Life with Maxwell
These happened just in the last few weeks.

1) On the way to pick up Payton from school, I noticed Maxwell in my little mirror. He appeared to be picking his nose. Since he's been sick lately, there's a lot to pick. Yuck. I know. So, I said "Maxwell, stop it! We don't pick our nose!" I look around for a tissue to hand him, but while driving, I don't have one handy. I glance back to check him again just in time to see him look intently at his finger to analyze the situation. Before I can say anything, he quickly puts the finger in his mouth. All that I could do was say "Gross!! Don't do that!"

Maxwell's reply? "I like it!!!"

2) Most of the afternoon on Tuesday, I'd been looking for Maxwell's milk cup. And I knew that I had purchased a new bone for the dog that I also couldn't find when I was vaccuming. It doesn't take much to figure out that there is a collection going on. Maxwell does these from time to time. He gathers up things like that look like fun and put them all together in one place...but where is that place this time? Throughout the day, I ask him a few times, with no valid response given. Finally, the boys are in bed. I finish up my daily chores, set the laundry to fluff and suddenly hear a loud knocking noise. Yep. Milk cup (spoiled by now), dog bone and a few other random toys are all in the dryer.


Anonymous said...

Gotta Love Him!!!!! LOL, Love Mom K

The D'Alessandro Family said...

He's funny.

Cute song - I believe I've heard it on Noggin or one of the other kids channels. Right?

Jen said...

LOL!!! Love him!! And I think you need a blog devoted to his MAXimum ways!

Matt and Bethany said...

I love reading your stories... especially the Max ones. It just helps me realize that baby #2 could be just like him (and exactly opposite of Lexi). I may be calling you for a LOT of guidance in the future!

Ellisa said...

Michelle, yep! Laurie Berkner. We have all her cds. FUN kids craziness.

Bethany...nothing anyone said could have prepared me for the differences between the two boys. SO drastic. Good luck & if you end up with two opposites, I'm your girl!

Christine said...

Nothing like Payton, thats for sure!! xoxox

Tricia said...

Oh my do I love Maxwell Story's!!!
Him and T could seriously be some best buds