Tuesday, March 24


I have a confession. I'm confessing it because I need support. I'm not one to ask for help often, so when I do, it's serious. I'm sure my friends know that about me by now. And since (mostly) only my close friends read this, I need to share.

I'm in a slump. 99% of it has to do with the way I feel about myself physically. I feel fat. I feel ugly. I feel disproportionate. I feel out of place and awkward almost everywhere I go. I'm uncomfortable in my own skin. I know most women go through this at some point in their lives, and approaching the big 3-0 MUCH faster than I'd like, I'm feeling it hard.

It's affecting my life in a lot of ways, and while I'm good at faking self-confidence, I'm doing just that - faking it.

But I'm not sitting idle waiting for my body to change itself. I'm watching what I eat (maybe too well), I'm working out at least 5 days a week and I'm changing up my routines. Maybe that's the hardest part. That I'm really trying and not seeing results. In fact seeing some opposite results in some cases.

So what I need from my friends (and family) is just thoughts and prayers in the positive. I'm sensitive, I'm crying easily and I'm feeling bad about myself. It's not good as a mother, a wife or a woman. Pray that I can see a change...or that my outlook changes. Somethings gotta give. Soon. Thanks.


Christine said...

I will be praying for you to overcome this slump. With the help of God anything can change!

And if it helps, but I haven't told you, since I am such a slacker friend lately (please forgive me) - - I think you are doing a great job and think you are looking great on the outside, as well!

Your hard work will pay off!

Matthew aka hubby said...

I love you and I am always here for you.

Love always,

The D'Alessandro Family said...

ahhh.. hunny! I'll pray for you to get through this... and you will! I've gone through the same thing, a few times for that matter. Just keep doing what you're doing and you WILL see results. And know that your friends think you're beautiful no matter what you think!

Jen said...

I hope you know that I am always here for you. Many ((((HUGS)))). I could have written your post almost word for word. I am feeling exactly the same but with all the "other" added stress as well I haven't gotten off my butt to do anything about it. So keep doing it, you do look great and I'm sure that YOU will see the reults you want soon.

Caution Flag said...

I really do understand. It's no easier facing 50 than it is facing 30 or 40. You're doing all the right things, but if they won't work, find a thoughtful and kind doctor. I'll be praying :)

Lauren said...

I know how you feel because I am feeling that way too. You are a strong, great, and wonderful women. I'll be saying a prayer for you that you over come this slump as well.

Matt and Bethany said...

I think about you nearly every day! I already know you have more will-power than I do and even though I haven't seen you in awhile, I know you are looking great! I really admire how you take yourself to the gym and watch what you eat, even with two young boys to raise! Call me if you ever need to let it all out or even just to cry!! I am always here for you E.

Kim Cervone said...

Oh, my sweet, it is such a girl thing! I feel your pain. My cycle was a mess and so was I. Now, I am on BC and I feel even worse. I will pray that you feel about yourself how I feel about you. You are strong, confident (or a great faker) and gorgeous...with a great rack. I understand your desperation though so my prayer is for you to feel better. xoxo

Marissa said...

i love you, i think you're wonderful. wrap your brain around how awesome, giving, sensitive, kind and loving you are and the body will eventually follow. i tried dieting for years and it wasn't until my brain changed that my body followed suit. nothing is overnight, its all baby steps - and thats GOOD and OK!!

hang in there babe - you've been so supportive of me and i'll always be here for you too.

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