Sunday, March 1

Finished it!!

I've been working hard on Maxwell's room trying to get it decorated. As with many things, he's obsessed with the shape of a circle, I'm sure because it's like a belly button. Since he was just over 1, that's been his favorite shape. And he has fallen for the color green (and orange) too.

Using his passions as inspiration, I created this for him:

I chose the colors I wanted based on his birthday cake & balloons. It seemed to go so nicely together. Then, I made circles out of cardboard using different size bowls I have. I went with about 5-6 different sizes. When I was ready, I traced them on the walls, then went through with little bits of paper and wrote the color they should each be so that I wouldn't have too many of any one color in one area. Then I went to painting. It took me a total of about 4 hours spread out over two days. Some required second coats, but most covered pretty well the first time.

He was VERY happy and wants to show everyone his circles in his room. I'm glad it went so well and he's so happy!!


P~Bear said...

It really looks neat. You are so talented! I'm jealous! If it came from our side of the family it skipped a generation.

Jen said...

You're Hired!! LOL!! What an awesome job, can't wait to see it in person!

Lauren said...

VERY cool!!! I love the colors!!

Kim Cervone said...

very CUTE!!!!!!!