Monday, March 30

Things I've learned...

In the last week, I've learned...

* I like spring way more than winter.
* Sometimes, no matter how many years you've been away from someone, you pick up right where you left off...even if you're not sure where that was exactly.
* You don't know what someone means in your life until they aren't around anymore.
* Sometimes silence is a conversation.
* Exercise can be therapy.
* My almost six year old is reading at 2nd grade level...amazing.
* My dog sheds a LOT of hair. It's annoying.
* There are more chickens in the world than people.
* Conversations with a six year old can be way more interesting than conversations with an adult.
* 45% of dollar bills you'll ever own have been in a stripper's g-string.
* "Submitting" does not mean you're weak, it just means you're willing to admit you may not have the right answer all the time.
* My parents don't have all the answers and sometimes need help finding the right ones.
* For some, the fear of acceptance can be more overwhelming than the fear of death.

It's been an interesting week...


Lauren said...

I just learned some new things from reading your post. That's NASTY about the dollar bills, thank god I don't carry cash often but now when I do I'll be thinking of this :)

And I agree with the last one. That is me..I fear that more then I fear death...

Anonymous said...

As Lauren said, Nasty thought about the dollar bills, I will never look at one the same again LOL. Love Mom K

The D'Alessandro Family said...

Yeah... that's disgusting!

Everything else... well said.

Hot Belly Mama said...

Hi! I need your address to send the ergo pouch to you. Email me at


Kim Cervone said...

Thanks for the info. Some of those things I would have NEVER known and wonder how you do..and one I could have told you YEARS ago (Spring beats Winter any time!) xo