Monday, March 9

Spring is...springing?

Today I walked outside to a beautiful sight! My tulips are sprouting! They look beautiful and healthy and vibrant against the muddy brown soil. I'm so excited to see something green in those flower beds. It won't be too long before they're more than just an inch or two tall, starting to open and even flowering. Ahhh, it's nice knowing that the winter will be ending soon.

We put up a bird feeder on the side of our house this week too. We hung it outside the kitchen window in our neighbor's tree. When I got back from the gym today, there were several black birds and a few finches in the tree. I saw a red headed finch and a yellow bellied finch. There was also a Pine Siskin Finch (had to look that one up, Mom). I'd never seen one of those before! It was beautiful! I'd love to put up a real bird feeder just for Finches. They're such pretty birds.

Another sign of spring? Max stands by the front door asking to go outside. And when we do, he gets muddy.


Anonymous said...

And you were expecting him NOT to get muddy LOL. Love Mom K

Jen said...

Isn't the fun of spring the mud?? LOL!!

No tulips way up here yet, LOL! Hopefully soon though! I think mine are late bloomers anyway. And it sounds like you had lots of birds. We lost our feeder in the last big storm and need to get a new one, but we have had a woodpecker hanging around and some cardinals lately.

The D'Alessandro Family said...

I'm just looking forward to the weather getting warmer, and staying warmer! I love going for walks and this past weekend was a bit of a tease.

Kim Cervone said...

So glad the squirrels stayed away from yours. There are holes in my flower bed. I was hoping from the squirrels ADDING to it but no blooms yet.