Friday, March 13

Date Night: Payton-style

Impromptu, but totally amazing non-the-less, I had a great date night with Payton tonight. And while we were out Matt & Maxwell had their own time at Red Robin & Chuck E Cheese.

It all started because Payton was supposed to hang out with Daddy tonight, but when he found out I was going to the salon to get my haircut, he wanted to tag along. Now, don't read into this thinking that P loves hanging out with me so much he'd go to the salon and sit for an hour. He does it for the ladies. He LOVES the girls that work at London Calling Salon and they LOVE him. They sit and color with him, help him with his hidden picture books and give him gum. What more can a lil' man ask for?

After my haircut, which looks great by the way, we went to the Y. Again, not because he wanted to hang out with me. No, I had my Drums Alive class. He wanted to again, hang out with the ladies. He likes to go play board games and color with the college-age child care workers there.

Finally, after his dates with other women, I finally got some quality time with my lil' charmer. Per his request, we went to American Pie, an all you can eat pizza place. We talked about school, friends, played "I Spy" 400 times, and ate lots of fun types of pizza (Coney, Mac & Cheese, Buffalo Chicken, and Loaded Baked Potato). We finished our night with a successful "go" at the Claw Machine Game and then hit up the movie store on the way home.

It's the nights like these, that I see such growth in my lil' man. He's so random and sporadic, yet so well-mannered and thoughtful. Several times during our date, where he sat next to me in the booth, not across from me, he leaned on my shoulder and gave me a kiss. Sneaky lil' ways to make sure I know he still loves me.


Anonymous said...

How fun that sounds!!!! Yes P is a real charmer, he loves to talk to the ladies when we go to church LOL. I am glad you had such a good time. Love Mom K

P~Bear said...

Your little guy really knows how to top off a ladies tank. Did he learn it from his dad?

Tricia said...

Sounds like a most enchanting evening with a charming little prince! It's nights like those that are truly priceless!!