Saturday, March 7

Soaking wet & loving it!

We had plans for today that sounded wonderful until the rain started. It was just to wet to go to the zoo. Around 11am, we finally decided to do a little letterboxing. It was due to rain later again, and although overcast and cold, it wasn't awful.

We packed some snacks and headed up to Wolcott Farm where our box is planted. We checked on it and were pleased to find a few new entries! Maxwell couldn't leave without seeing the "moo cows". We went into the barn and there were a few young ones and one that was probably born yesterday or today. He was so cute with them. We saw a few other animals and on our way back, Maxwell fell in a huge puddle soaking himself from the waist down. We went into the restroom area and I dried his pants as best I could in the hand dryers. When we were satisfied he wouldn't be too cold, we went on our way.

We decided to try for another letterbox that is in that area. We'd read all about it and were really excited as it's a great story and it seemed like a fun walk. We started out and had a good time all along. Maxwell was riding on my back in my carrier (Lauren, I found my Ergo!!) and Matt and Payton went off on their own to find the 2nd in a series of 3 letterboxes. Just as they did, the downpour started... and didn't stop.

We were almost 3/4 of a mile from the car and we didn't know how far it was to the final box in the series...we didn't have a choice, we had to head back. As we did, Maxwell started screaming...he was getting soaked. We all were. Matt and Payton ran ahead and I did the best I could to get back to the car with Max on my back without falling in the mud or on the ice.

We finally made it and sat in the car for 15 minutes warming up and calming down. What a crazy trip that was! We had a great time as hectic as that one period of downpour was, and we're anxious to go back and finish the series.

When we came home, we all put on our pjs and had "Breakfast Dinner" where we used our Belgian waffle maker and let the kids make their own waffles. We convinced Payton to finally see Madagascar 2 and we all relaxed on the couch for awhile before putting the kiddos in bed an hour past bedtime.

Overall, it was a great day, with just a few soaking wet hiccups in our plans.


P~Bear said...

Sounds like a really fun day of letterboxing :o>

Ask your mom about fishing and camping in the rain!

Anyway it seems to have all worked out. LU dad

Anonymous said...

How much fun it sounds even with the rain. I bet the best part was snuggling with the kids after ward at home. Love Mom K

Jen said...

Sounds fun and very wet!

Lauren said...

Sound VERY fun esp. with boys I am sure they were in heaven!! Great family day!! You all look so comfy :)

ps I am soo glad you found it ;)

Hot Belly Mama said...

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Love... Hot Belly Mama

Lorene said...

Sounds like you had the BEST DAY EVER! I can't wait to start letterboxing this summer. I told Jay if we do nothing else I want to letterbox.

Kim Cervone said...

Sometimes those last minute plans turn out better than the originals might have been...maybe a little wetter, but I bet the kids will remember that always.