Monday, March 2

For Mrs. McCoy

She's been asking about the pictures for Max's room and when I showed her the blog today she asked about my squares in the living room. She's heard about them, but not seen them.

So, Lindsey, here they are. Completed by me in November 2008. Framed by Matt. 5 colors pulled from our living room furniture. Let me know when you're ready to paint ;)


Anonymous said...

Mrs McCoy: Ellisa is VERY creative,so she is a good source to go to. But I am her mother in law (no particularity there)LOL Mom K

P~Bear said...

I also know that she is very creative and trust me,I am not partial in the least!

Jen said...

Ellisa rocks!!! And that picture doesn't even show off how nice that looks, it's even more awesome in person.

FYI- I am not a relative, just a very good impartial friend,LOL!

Brightside said...

I agree, Jen, it's even better in person. Ellisa's got it.