Saturday, March 7

Payton's Pennies

A few years ago, Payton discovered "pressed pennies" AKA smashed pennies. He loved the first machine we let him try at COSI in Toledo, Ohio and he was hooked. We bought him a book and he filled it quickly. When family and friends found out about Payton's collection, they started seeking them out on vacations and trips and it wasn't long before we had quite a collection.

Last week, when I met with Tiffany, she gave me a few that she had gotten for Payton on a recent trip to Frankenmuth, MI. Today, when I found them on my dresser, I put them in his book...filling his third smashed penny book.

His most notable pennies are one of the World Trade Center from his Auntie Jenn and some from Hawaii from Matt's trip there last year. We have pennies from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Georgia, Florida, Virginia, Illinois, New York, Maryland, West Virginia, Kentucky, Missouri, Texas, North Carolina & Colorado.

Thank you to all who have gotten him pennies on your travels. He loves them and loves to hear about where they are from. We look up the locations online sometimes and talk about what he could see if he went there. Thanks!...and we're working on our fourth book, so keep 'em coming!


Kim Cervone said...

what a fun (and economical) collection.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how many pennies P has gotten. What a great collection, I look forward to being able to keep it going for him. Love Mom K