Sunday, December 13

Advent Calendar: Day 12

"Make a Gingerbread House"

This is one of our traditions that I worked into our Advent Calendar schedule.

The boys stuck to the traditional style house and worked their magic on the candy side of things for a about 45 minutes. Payton was very precise in his placement of each candy. Making patterns and decorating it just so. Maxwell...well, he just plopped it on there however he saw fit. You can definitely tell who did each side of the house.

Either way, you can tell they loved doing it. They showed it off to the babysitter as soon as she got here last night. :) They were so proud!


Anonymous said...

You will have to post a pic of the house, can't wait to see it. Love Mom K

Kim Cervone said...

Where is it, babycakes? I was looking forward to seeing the two different personalities in the decor.