Tuesday, December 22

Advent Calendar: Days 18-22

Whew!! Getting ready for Christmas is exhausting! And time consuming!

Day 18: "Go to the Rochester Lights"

My dad came to town to join the rest of us and we decided to hit the lights of Rochester. It's an area about 3 city block long where they decorate the buildings top to bottom in lights. It's AMAZING and very cool to see. The boys have never been, nor had my parents.

Day 19-22: It's all a blur. And it goes by so fast. And now my inlaws have the boys, so there aren't really any more advent papers to be pulled.

Most were things like "have hot cocoa" or "watch ____________ (random Christmas movie)". Sunday was "Christmas performance at Church".

The boys did really well. Maxwell did AMAZING! I was really impressed. I thought he'd panic when he got up there and he did at first, but then when he saw us all in the seats, he did really well. He was visibly proud of himself and did all the hand motions and knew all the words.

Payton was more interested in reading what was on the screen than actually singing (no surprise there).

Both boys have had a great few days with their grandparents in Toledo as well. Matt and I will be joining them on Thursday for Christmas Eve with the Kobylak Family.


Anonymous said...

We have been having fun with the boys. The other day while I was at work I asked P if he would clean the snow off of the
outside nativity for his advent activity, (which he did) we went out to eat with Uncle Jason, then went and looked at lights in neighboorhood and surounding areas.looking forward to seeing everyone Thursday Love Mom K

Kim Cervone said...

A very Merry Christmas to you all. Next time you are in downtown Rochester, hit Red Knapp's. They have fantastic burgers, fries and shakes (all big enough to share) xoxo