Saturday, December 5

Advent Calendar: Day 4

"Have Dinner with Santa Claus"

Around Halloween, when my parents and I took the boys to Wolcott Learning Farm, I heard about their "Dinner with Santa". We have a farmer friend who works at the farm and when she told me she'd be there, I knew the boys would love it. So I signed us all up.

Friday morning, Payton pulled the paper out of the stocking and when he read it he was very confused. He's not sure Santa is real anyway, so this really threw him for a loop. (I think he thinks all the Santas are working together for one big "real" Santa). He told people at school that we were having dinner with Santa, but sounded skeptical.

On the way to the event, Payton had no idea where we were going. Maxwell was really excited, but I knew that would change once he saw the big guy. They were very excited when we arrived at "The Farm". As promised, Farmer Carol was there and the boys were excited to see her.

We started our night with a picture with Nadine the Christmas Cow. So cute! Max (of course) acted brave until it was time to sit down for the photo. Then, as you can see, he wasn't so happy.

We then went into the farm house where we had dinner. Santa arrived and the boys reactions couldn't have been more different. Payton ran to him right away and gave him a hug. Maxwell wanted nothing to do with him up close, but would wave and say hello when he was far away. Farmer Carol tried to get him to warm up to Santa by giving Santa a hug, but he wanted nothing to do with it.

Each of the boys did a fun craft while we waited for our turn to see Santa. When our time finally came, their reactions were the same as before. Payton ran ahead and literally jumped into Santa's lap. Maxwell had to be carried in and wouldn't leave Daddy's side.

As with everything else in this event, their requests from Santa couldn't be more different, but yet were within our "Present Rules"; they each only asked for one thing. Payton asked for "Marble Saga - It's a Wii Game". Maxwell, in true Max Fashion, asked for "A Sucker". They've both been really good this year, so I'm sure Santa will bring them the item they each asked for.

The event was great and the boys had a fabulous, magical time. I think we'll make it part of our holiday tradition.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful time it must have been !!!! Love Mom K

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