Tuesday, December 29

Christmas in Berea

We ventured to Berea, OH, my hometown, on December 26th & 27th to spend some quality tome with my family. And "quality" is quite a word for it. We all had a great time.

This was the first Christmas that there have been so many of us. Like at Thanksgiving, we just have grown a lot in the last year. My father's brother who has been distant from the family for many years has made a return over the last few years and I've really enjoyed having him back. And the boys are learning to love him too.

My two single brothers are no longer single, so their "others" were there; Hope & Amy. They are both amazing women with so much to offer to the world and our family. I hope they are both here to stay. ;)

We began with present opening where the boys were (again) spoiled rotten. Then, dinner! We served sushi, pizza and McDonald's french fries. YUM! Everyone was happy as we have a few picky eaters.

Then, on to the Beg, Borrow & Steal stockings. We've been doing this for a few years now. Everything in the stocking my be acquired without paying for it. I did a lot of begging on facebook and got some great things! We all had a wonderful time.

The time with my family is always too short. I wish we could have stayed for another day, but Matt had to get back to work. While we were trying to leave, it ended up that one boy stayed with each of the sets of grandparents. Those boys always weasel their way in if they can. ;) Matt and I have been alone the last few days sorting and rearranging furniture. Our Christmas present of new dining furniture came today as well.

Here are some pics of the "Berea Festivities":


Anonymous said...

Looks like such a GREAT time!!!!! Glad you were able to go and visit!!! Love Mom K

The D'Alessandro Family said...

I wish you could have stayed longer! I miss you!