Thursday, December 17

Advent Calendar: Days 15, 16, & 17

Whew!! The last week before Winter Break at schoool and my mom's here, so we've been REALLY busy!!

Day 15: Forgot to do anything...
Sorry, I slacked on this one.

Day 16: Make a Holiday Craft
At school, the art teacher and I hosted a Family Holiday Craft Night. We had organized 6 crafts for families to do for only $2 per child! It was super cute and lots of fun. My mom brought the boys and they really enjoyed the free reign to do what they wanted with everything. Everyone had a GREAT time!

Day 17: Read "The Night Before Christmas"
Hallmark has a really cool item this year that I saw back in November. They have a book of The Night Before Christmas where you can record someone reading the story. It'd be neat to have child who's just learning to read record it and then keep it forever. But I wanted my dad to read it for my boys. I asked him to pick up a copy and he did and sent it with my mom on her trip to visit us.

Tonight, the boys opened the wrapping and found the book. Little did they know that Papa's voice was going to read it to them. They were so excited when they heard him! Payton knew right away who it was. They listened to it three times before calling Papa to thank him for the book.

They may not realize it now, but someday this will be a treasured item. We'll treat it with great love and respect and hopefully it will last many years. And someday, maybe my grandchildren will listen to their great-grandfather read them a story, even when he's no longer around.

Thanks, Dad. It's very special to me.


The D'Alessandro Family said...

ok, i'm teary eyed.. thanks!

what a great tradition to start!

Kim Cervone said...

How wonderful. You guys are lucky you got it before there was a run on the books. They are impossible to find now. xo

Anonymous said...

What a cool thing!!!! I am sure the boys love it. Love Mom K