Monday, May 5

Back on the wagon!

Well, as of last week, I'd lost 15lbs since mid-January.

I've been really good at watching what I eat and charting it all on I love that site! It's so helpful and they have great tools for exercise and eating well. But this past weekend, we went to my inlaws. And it was Matt's Grandmother's 75th birthday. This family does very little low fat anything. Granted, I love to eat that way too, but it's hard to make smart choices. I did have veggies, no dip, hamburger without a bun, just a very tiny spoonful of cheesy potato casserole and some fruit. But dang. The guacamole. And chips. And pita. And hummus. then cake. oh the cake. oh. Did I mention they're Polish? Translate that to "drinkers". I had a BIG rum and diet coke. Then later that night I had an Amaretto Sour. I tried so hard to be hard...

But alas, when I stepped on the scale this morning, I'm up 2 lbs. I hoping that's all that shows from my weekend. I have made great smart choices all day today and I hope to continue through the week. It's just hard. When I'm PMSing I want things like fries and chocolate and beer.

Ahh!! BEER!! Remember my pledge to myself, and you, to go alcohol free for the month of April. I did succumb to one beer around the 20th of the month, but it was a light beer. Does that matter? Probably not. But I feel good about it!

Wish me luck this week!! I'm trying to get back down to that 15 lbs loss.


Gene said...

Ellisa: You are doing GREAT !!!! I know the family things are hard especially in such an ethnic family, boy do they love their food LOL.Any way hang in there. Love Mom K.

Marissa said...

try, try again. its what i wake up each day telling myself. can't change what you did yesterday! and you know me, there's no time like NOW to have a cold beer!

MGD Lite - brand new beer by Miller, HALF the calories of a Miller Lite. And tastes great too. I sound like a commercial.

Back in the saddle, you're doing it - we ALL tilt off that saddle, its that you recognize you're tilting sideways and then in response you straighten back up that counts! GO YOU! :)