Saturday, May 10

God's Great Outdoors

With Spring in full swing lately, I've been noticing all the beauty God's created around us. I don't understand how people can see things as beautiful as they are and think that they were created by a explosion. But that's a different blog.

Last week, a seemingly normal tree in our neighbor's yard bloomed into a gorgeous cotton-candy looking tree. It's so beautiful that I take a picture of it almost everyday. I'm not much of a pink person, but I want to get just the right picture of this tree so that I can make a print and put it on my windowsill in the winter to remind me of what's out there waiting to bloom.

Then, this afternoon, Payton came to me and said there were two blue eggs in our garden bed. I grabbed the camera and followed him outside and sure enough. Two little robin's eggs. I explained what they were and that we needed to try to find the nest and we found it quickly just next to the bed in a short pine tree. There were two more eggs in the nest but momma robin was no where to be seen. I placed the two eggs back in the nest and supported the side that seemed to have tipped where the eggs rolled out.

I hope the slacker mom comes back and sits on the eggs. If not, I'll have to explain the cruel world of negligence to my five-year old. Payton wants to check on them everyday. Hopefully we'll see momma in the tree soon!


Marissa said...


I'm anxious to hear back whether that mama robin comes back. :)

P~Bear said...

Beautiful tree, Beautiful eggs, and you have a Beautiful spirit. I hope mommy returns, and prefer to think that if she doesn't that she has fallen pray to some catastrophe. I hope that you have a wonderful mothers day.

Gene said...

What a beautiful lesson for Payton to show him about nature, and the pics are great. I hope mommy comes back. Love Mom K