Friday, May 9

Forza: The Japanese Sword Fighting Workout

I joined a new class at the Y last week. It's called "Forza". It's based on the Japanese style of sword fighting and is a continuous moving, but no-impact exercise. Forza in Italian means "strength". Not sure why they gave the class an Italian name, being JAPANESE sword fighting and all, but it works.

Forza was developed in the last ten years. It was recently shown on the Today Show.
Workout based on samurai sword training
Workout based on samurai sword training

It's a great workout and my while my instuctor, Cliff, is just getting started teaching this class, it's been a blast. I love the strength I feel in the workout and the concentration it requires. I can't be thinking about anything else other than the class. It clears my mind of the other crap going on in my mind and I leave feeling empowered and energized. I actually want to workout MORE after the class is over.

Watch out, people. Swordfighter, buttkicker Ellisa is on the loose!!


Marissa said...

Crack that whip, beotch! Scared of you in a dark alley. ;)

Have a blast with it! I started a new class last week and I did it again today. I LOVE IT!

Lauren said...

I am so glad you are loving your class!!! Enjoy!!!