Wednesday, May 7

Better today!

I don't quite feel 100% yet, but I'm feeling better, that's for sure. I made it for dinner and tea last night and I'm so glad I did. I was also able to meet up with Tiffany to celebrate her official passing of the bar exam. I'm thrilled for her and couldn't be more proud!

Today is "weigh in Wednesday" for my small group of friends who are trying to get fit together. Imagine my surprise when I got on the scale this morning at a 4 lb. loss from Friday! WOW! I thought I'd gained all that weight this weekend, but it must have been the PMS. Whatever it was, I'll take it.

I'm still not feeling well enough to make it to the gym. This cold seems to have settled in my chest and now I'm coughing a bit. I hope it doesn't take hold and that I can shake it soon. Today I need to catch up on some cleaning and laundry. Payton has school and we'll just be hanging out this evening. I think I'll head to bed after Top Chef instead of staying up later. I need a few extra hours of sleep.

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