Tuesday, May 20


Do you think they really mean anything? I'm sure they do. I think they're probably our brain trying to work out issues that our conscious couldn't handle.

When I was a kid I had some weird, reoccurring dreams. Those ended in adolescence, and since I've had vivid dreams on an nightly basis almost. I almost always remember then and sometimes even journal them. But the last week has been crazy dreams. I think it's probably all the stress of being sick and trying to plan the birthday party for Payton. But even since the party on Saturday, my dreams have been out of control.

I even have woken feeling guilty about my dreams. Not that it's anything I control, but still...it kinda was my behavior, wasn't it? or it wasn't? I'm not sure. In my dream last night, I cheated on Matt with a famous movie star (not sure which one). In my dream, Matt said he'd forgive me if I changed my ways. I woke feeling guilty, asked Matt about it and he told me "ONLY in your dreams". I can't blame him.

I just wonder what it means. Dreams carry so much value and meaning. Even in the bible days, dreams were a way for God to communicate with people. David was a great dream "reader". Interesting that dreams have always meant so much to people... wonder what all my dreams mean.

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Gene said...

Hey Ellisa: Not sure what your dream means, but its funny that you brought up the subject because mine have been very disturbing lately. And the one thing that I gleamed from this was that I needed to get back to reading more spiritual books that would fill my mind with good things (I have really been reading a lot of my mysteries lately)And to also watch what I am watching on TV( I have been watching a lot of Detective and Medical shows)So I am back in the good books and trying to spend more time with God, I hope this works because I am tired of the dreams. Let you know how it goes, Love Mom K.