Monday, May 19

Momma Love

My mom and I are lucky to have each other. The relationship we have, although strained at times, has never been awful or even filled with angst. I've always looked up to her strength and dedication to that which she finds important; her faith, her friends and family, and her students.

She's a special ed teacher with so much insight. She understands her students' challenges and does all she can to help them succeed. Her compassion for them has been quite a model for me in my life. She tells me often, "You're such a thoughtful person. You're such a good friend.", but she's the one who's taught me how to be that way.

And I'm blessed that she sees me as more than a student to her teachings. I'm her teacher and her friend. I'm more open minded than she and I think that's been a blessing to her. As well as my sense of fashion has been a blessing to her wardrobe.

My mom tells me that I need to have a lil' girl (not going to happen) so that I can have the same connection between a daughter and mother. I'm glad that she feels so fondly about our relationship that she wants that for me. It really does say a lot, doesn't it?

She sent me an amazing gift for Mother's Day this year. It was a book of poetry from a mother to her daughter. While the poems and writings are great, the hand written notes by my mother mean so much more. She writes about what she dreamt for me, what she continues to dream for me and what she admires and sees in me. It will forever been one of my prize possessions. Long after my mother has left this Earth, I will have her thoughts and sentiments to read in that book.

I wish every girl could have the mother that I had growing up. She may not have been perfect and we may have been at odds at times, but she has helped make me the woman I am today. I wish every girl could have the mother that I have now.

Mom, I love you.


Marissa said...

you made me cry, no really you did. that was beautiful. :*)

Lauren said...

What Marissa said. :) She lucky to have you too (your mom)....

Jen said...

That was great and makes me think about how lucky I am to have a great relationship with my mom as well.

Tiffany said...

absolutely beautiful lovie- your momma and you are two amazing people!