Wednesday, May 28

Weekend, Cont. (Sunday-Monday)

So...SUNDAY! We had the morning to do some finishing details on my parents yard and gardens. Man, do they look amazing. Most of the work was done by my brother, Loren, while I just manage the kids and run errands.

Sunday afternoon, my Uncle Don, who's be recently reunited with our family, came over for a BBQ. I did most of the food prep and let my brother do they grilling. Some of you know my phobia of raw meat. I overcame it. Amazingly well. I knew that I needed to get it done. I stared at the two pounds of raw beef in the containers for about 5 minutes before I decided I could do it. And I would do it. Just for my mom. I covered the counter in plastic wrap (yeah, it's that bad) and washed my hands about 20 times through the process, but I managed to measure, pattie, season and plate 12 hamburgers. Wow. I haven't done that since high school. Might not seem like much to you, but it was huge to me. I actually did a little dance after my first one I was so proud of myself.

So anyway, we ate the yummy burgers with corn, German potato salad (*drool*) and deviled eggs. Now, I'm not much of a deviled egg fan, but Payton is. I had no idea, but Maxwell is too. He got one bite from my mom and then disappeared. Three or four minutes later, I found him sitting at the food table pulling eggs off the tray and eating them. He has a new found love.

It was a really nice BBQ and my uncle stayed awhile with my parents, my oldest and youngest brother (one brother missing) and me and the boys. After my uncle left, I managed to twist my dad's arm ;) to go letterboxing with me and my boys. (You can read his blog First Sergeant listed in my sidebar on the left).

There is a really cool letterboxing series in Berea, Ohio that pertains to the "names" of the notes on the music scale. You, ra, me, fa, so, la, te, do? Well, the location for the boxing happens to be the same place my oldest brother and his wife got married, called the Music Mound. It's an old outdoor ampitheater built from nature's beauty. It was really cool to be back there and Payton learned all the names. It was a great hunt and we had a really fun time.

Across the street from the Music Mound is a small waterfall that we used the play around when we were kids. Of course, rules have changed and now we're not allowed to even climb down the slope to the river, but it was cool to show Payton where I used the play in the summers when I was young. Maxwell just liked the rushing sound of the water.

Finally, I got them home and to bed and then I took my parents' dog, Quinn, for a long walk/run. She only gets walked when I'm home so she was VERY excited when I put on my tennis shoes and pulled out the leash. We were out about 45 minutes and that was all she could take. I'm sure she's still recovering, being 11 years old now, she's not used to that.

Monday, we woke up and got ready for the annual Berea Memorial Day Parade. Nothing like what I've become accustomed to up here in Michigan, but it was a nice small town parade. I did find it ironic that the only three times the crowd clapped were 1) for the American Flag 2) the group of veterans and 3) for the horse who pooped in the middle of the road. Weird. I wonder how the all equate.
Monday afternoon, we just hung out with my parents mostly. We did go play Putt-Putt/Mini Golf with my baby brother, Damon, who Payton adores. We had a good time and manage to not get rained on. Maxwell was very happy just sitting in the stroller watching us hit tiny colored balls all over the place.
When we returned from that, I gladly accepted a pair of *nice* seats at the Indians game from my parents. They are season ticket holders and couldn't go, so I told them if they wanted to stay with the boys, I'd go. Turns out, they were fine with that. The game ended disappointingly in the 11th inning with a 6-3 win for the Chicago White Sox. There were fireworks after and then I went to Perkins with my friend for a late night snack. It's nice to be an adult once in awhile and not always a mom.
Tuesday morning, we left and made another uneventful trip back to Michigan. We've returned to life as normal early this morning, but that will be in tomorrow's blog. Ugh. I think I'll catch up by the end of the week...but that's only 2 days away. I feel like today is Monday.
Thanks for reading thus far. Sorry it's so long, but I just had such a great time and wanted to share all the details and pictures with you. XO


Jen said...

Sounds like you had some great times with your family!! The waterfall looks cool and how neat to be able to share that with Payton and Max.

Miss you lots!!

Marissa said...

what a great weekend!!
i LOVE the pic of the waterfall & the back of Max's head!
i'm glad your dad letterboxed with you and i'll bet he wants to do it again sometime.
sounds like a really good time was had by everyone!!!!! YAY!
and ut oh on what i might hear about whatever happened this morning. {{hugs}}

Tiffany said...

love max's monkey shirt! Glad you got some not-a-momma time in

P~Bear said...

I really didn't remember that you were so squeamish about handling meat, you surprised me. When can I have my letterboxing companions back?

Kim Cervone said...

Way to handle that meat, girl! Great pictures of the boys (and Quinn too!)