Saturday, May 3

The furry ones have left the building

Back in December, friends of mine, Stacey & Tim, told us that they were moving to Las Vegas for Tim's job. He's a golf pro and golf is a year round thing there, not quite so seasonal like it is here, and they had a great opprotunity there. I couldn't blame them, but I was upset that they were leaving.

A few weeks later, I got a panicy text message from Stacey that no one could take care of their two "boys" (cats) while they were looking for a place to live and they couldn't take them with them yet. Some plans had fallen through and they were looking for some ideas on my part. My only idea? Bring them here!! Everyone here loves pets and I knew my boys would get along well enough with their cats, so it would be fine.

So mid-January, Tim & Stacey came by and dropped them off. It took Marble three days to really adjust, but Garner was right at home here. Slowly, they found their way around the house and made themselves comfy. They claimed the back of my loveseat as their own and we really fell in love with them; even if they did weird things like eat my plastic bags and drink water from the fish's bowl.

It didn't take long for Maxwell to realize they were living toys. He would chase them around the house calling "kieee-caaa" (read: kittie-cat). Garner, the spunkier of the two, loved the attention and would come down to the boys sometimes just to get hugs and kisses from them. Marble tended to mind his own business, but he could be pursuaded to let Maxwell lay on his big belly sometimes.

Their stay was extended a few times while Stacey & Tim found the *right* place, but that was no issue for us. Then a few weeks ago, Stacey messaged me to say they had found the house. I couldn't be happier for them!! But I knew my little guys would miss those kitties.

This past Saturday, I had to take them to the vet for their health certificates before they could fly to Vegas. When I loaded them in their carriers, Maxwell had a fit. He was so upset that I had locked the kitties away and then when I took them out to my car, it got worse. Good thing Matt was home to tend to Maxwell! He was so happy when I returned a few hours later with those furry guys!

Then Monday came. Their day of flight. I had their carriers out to make sure the paperwork was right and everything was proper before we left. Maxwell was curious and decided to test the carriers out.

Eventually, we had to get Maxwell out and load up the cats. Payton, being a mature "big boy" now, understood that they weren't coming back and gave them kisses and said goodbye. He knew all along that they were "Aunt Stacey" & "Uncle Tim" 's cats and they were going to have to leave. Unfortunately it wasn't so easy for Max. He gave them kisses and waved...but once I picked them up and took them out of the house...well, he wasn't happy. I'm surprised you didn't hear him screaming for the "kieee-caaa".

I think all memories of the furry visitors have faded from his mind. He hasn't asked for them or even really looked for them since I came home. But now, Matt and I miss them more than we thought we would. We're not running out and buying a cat (or a dog) but it sure was nice to have some company around here.

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Gene said...

It what so nice of you to do such a big favor for a friend. I am sure they appreciate it more then you will ever know. And the pic of Max cracks me up and is so typical of his personality lol. Love Mom K.