Thursday, May 29

Playing Catch-Up

This week, we've been trying to get back into the routine of the week. I keep thinking it's earlier in the week, not Thursday night already. Three-day weekends always throw me off.

Tuesday we got home, spent time with Matt and settled in. About midnight, I realized that Wednesday Payton had to be at school at 8:15am. Ugh. We don't do well with mornings. But we all managed to be up by 7:40am, dressed and at school by 8:15am. Not too shabby.

Payton's class and the other 4-year-old class sang a few songs for the school chapel that all the students attend once a week. They did a great job and Maxwell loved dancing in the back row while the kids sang.

Afterwards, we had just enough time to make it to Payton's new school for next year. The building is completely gutted and being reworked, in addition to a new gymnasium being bulit at the end. He was very excited to see it and I think it gave him a sense of where he'll be.

Then, the fun began. I've been trying to wean Maxwell from breastfeeding for about a week. We've had some issues and it was just time. He was fine with it when we were at my parents, but when we got home and settled in to our normal routine, he wanted to nurse all the time. I was already five days into the weaning, so I didn't give it, but instead called my inlaws and asked if they could take the monster for the weekend. They gladly accepted and too him today (Thursday) through Sunday. I'm hoping he'll come back a changed baby with little interest in nursing. Pray for me. LOL

Tonight, I had my Forza class. Our instructor, Cliff, came around and did some critiques on everyone through our routines. I was the only one he didn't make some suggestions to and instead told me "You're doing great. Keep it up." That'll make any girl giddy!! It's become such a great time for me and I'm disappointed that I won't be able to continue it in the summer. I hope they offer it again in the Fall so that I can pick it up again. It's such a great change of pace from my typical workout.

This weekend, since it's just Payton and Matt and me, we're going to do some garden work. Payton also really wants to do some letterboxing, so I think we'll work that in, as well as possibly plant our very first letterbox. I'm excited to spend so much time with just Payton. He has his first tball practice tomorrow (Friday) night. I'll post about how that goes tomorrow!


Marissa said...

prayers for the weaning boy & mama. be strong. sometimes, ok lots of times, it was easier to just give in than to remain steadfast. follow that heart - if its time, its time. {{{hugs}}}

you have amazing in-laws by the way. i soooo wish someone would come at a moments notice and "fetch" my children (all of them) for me. ohhhh, that'd be heavenly.

miss you madly,

Tiffany said...

Totally agree with Marissa- I love my in-laws but man I need ones that come and get the kids!

Weaning stinks. Just remember it is a temporary thing.

Jen said...

Hugs to you and Mr. Max!! NAd kudos to your in-laws for being so awesome!!

Lorene said...

Again...can I borrow your ILs for like a week?? Just a week...okay...maybe two, three tops. :)

Big hugs for you and the whole weaning thing. Something I DON'T look forward to. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend with Matt and Payton!

Can't wait to see you guys!!!