Wednesday, November 26


All month long at Payton's school, I've been writing articles about gratitude. It's the moral focus of the month there. Gratitude is being grateful for what is done for you, given to you or what you have, be it opportunities or material possessions.

I'm sure it's the post lots of people will do on Thanksgiving, and it's cliche, but I can't help but do it this year. I need to. I have a LOT to be grateful for.

This year, I am thankful for...
* my husband.
* a change of heart.
* God guiding my marriage.
* my two wonderful children.
* having a home that is warm and stocked with food.
* my husband having a job.
* the ability to spend time at Payton's school and all the people who make it run.
* friends who listen, advise and are honest, even when it hurts.
* my life.
* family (blood and marital) who support me through anything.
* the freedom of religion and speech.

As I've gotten older, the things like "my tv" and "my car" have been pushed to the back of my list. It's interesting how priorities change as we get older. I never would have thought I'd look at my list and see so many privileges and people and so few things. God has truely blessed me and my family and I promise to not forget the things that he has given me.


Gene said...

AMEN!!!! Have a blessed Thanksgiving. Love Mom K

Marissa said...

You (& I) are truly blessed in so many ways. We need to keep reminding each other of this when one of us just isn't feeling it. Deal?

Kim Cervone said...

It's a blessing too, to realize what (aka who) is important, don't you think??? xoxo