Friday, November 14

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!

At least here at our house it is!!
Payton had Thursday and Friday off school for "Professional Development Days". I assume they mean the teachers, not the students.

I couldn't take the asking "How much longer?" and "Now?!?" anymore. Finally, Matt said I could put up the tree. Oh yeah. Payton wanted to help too.

So yesterday, we busted out the tree. Usually I do a Americana themed tree, but I'm trying a new "rustic" theme, but I don't have quite enough ornaments to do the whole tree yet, so this year we put up our heritage tree. All the ornaments from when Matt and I were kids that our parents got us, along with all the boys' ornaments they've received thus far. It's a lot of nice memories.

In addition to all the tree decorations, Payton also helped me put up my "houses". Back in 1984, when I was just 5 years old, my grandmother, Bam, got me the first in a Hallmark series called "Nostalgic Houses & Shops". I have all of the main ornaments and a few of the special ones, like this years 25th anniversary Town Hall. Most were purchased by my parents or grandparents. Payton loves to help me each year put them up. He loves to see our city grow and look in the backs and see all the rooms decorated for Christmas.

Finally, we put up the snow globes. The boys have 3 thus far. I leave that to my mother-in-law to purchase. It started a few years ago when Payton became obsessed with a snow globe they have at their home. Payton thought it was funny this morning to take the motion & sound activated one and put it in bed with Matt to wake him. Teehee. That kid has my sense of...well, not humor. Jokester I guess.

Anyway, while Payton and I were decorating inside...with Maxwell's "help", Matt decided to clean out the gutters. And since he was up there, he also put up our Christmas lights. YEA!!! I'm so excited.

So if you need a dose of Christmas, just come on by. If you call in advance, I'll even bust out the hot cocoa, candy canes and Christmas music!!


Danielle a.k.a Yellie said...

Go you! I absolutely love the feel of the house when it's decorated for Christmas. We have "Christmas Tree Day" with all of my family (parents, sister, aunts, uncles and cousins) the day after Thanksgiving and then we usually put the tree up the following day. We're thinking of getting a fake tree and just going along for the fun of "Christmas Tree Day" after this year though. I love the smell of a real tree, but the pokey needles and the mess and the tree that's sometimes dead before Christmas even gets here, isn't all that appealing to me anymore. LOL Anyway though, enjoy your newly decorated house!

The D'Alessandro Family said...

The sooner you put it up, the longer you get to enjoy it! I'm jealous! We do ours the weekend after Thanksgiving. I still have a bit to go, but I'm definitely looking forward to enjoying our first Christmas in the new house.

Lorene said...

Ummm...the next time someone tells me that I decorate too early, I am going to send them to your house. :) I can't wait to get started, but I am thinking of doing TWO real trees this year instead of one real and one not-so real, so I might have to hold off until the first part of Dec. Though, we may have to come over and enjoy yours until then.

I LOVE me some Christmas.
(and if you come to my house, you won't even have to call ahead cause my carols are going 24/7 :) )

Gene said...

Well we are getting a dose of Christmas here as Payton REALLY wanted to put our tree up today LOL. So right now PaPa is putting it together. It's a good day for it as it is raining cats and dogs. P can't wait until its done so he can put ornaments on it. You know Ellisa this is VERY early for me as you said last night a 5 yr. old can really quilt you into doing something LOL Love Mom K

1SG said...

Sounds Nice even if a bit early. So they got to Papa Gene also huh.

I know we will be in for it when you all show up for Thanksgiving.

Luv Ya All - Lkn fwd to cn ya.

Jen said...

YAY for Christmas! I think we will do ours this week, just need Randy to get it down from the attic.


Kim Cervone said...

For some reason I doubt we wouldhave to call ahead to catchthe Christmas music. I would bet that it is playing right now!!